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Thursday, August 23, 2007

R.I.P. Timewarden (kind of)

In this funny business known as blogging, you tend to think that your fellow blog-mates are going to be around for ever and ever. Sadly, this is not always the case.

I refer to a recent announcement by TimeWarden (or Tim) that he will no longer be posting on his blog. Nooo!! Come back, Tim, we miss you already!! As will many other people - the number of comments left on his last post is a definite testimony to that. Rather ironic when the post was meant to be a video post on "Celebrity Skin" by "Hole"! But if you're going to tell people that this is your last ever post you're bound to attract a certain amount of feedback!

Anyway, I can understand and respect Tim's decision. Blogging, not to say sitting in front of a computer, can take over your life if you're not careful. My husband has occasionally commented that I'm more in love with my laptop than him. Ahem. And as I pointed out in my response to Tim's last post, the art of blogging can be a seriously time-consuming one. Like me, Tim admits to being a bit of a perfectionist in his writing and that DOES take up time - drafting, re-drafting, correcting posts ... And if you have a fondness for writing "long ones" that eats even more into your day.

Moreover (and a major reason as to why we became blogging pals) Tim is, like me, a massive Dr Who fan (good man!) and wrote frequent posts on the show. However, in contrast to me * he was becoming increasingly disenchanted with the new Russell T Davies series of DW and felt that his criticisms were getting repetitive. His enthusiasm for the show was really starting to wane! Hence another reason for ceasing to blog. And as Tegan's Aunt Vanessa said: "If you stop enjoying it, give it up!" Nuff said.

From a personal perspective though, I will really miss all of the debate that Tim and I enjoyed on DW - old and new versions! - as well as other more general exchanges - he has been a really great blogging pal in this respect! It's great to talk with someone else who has "the knowledge" and Tim has it in spades. Many a time was I left amazed by his capacity to remember which DW actor/actress had starred in which other programme/s, year/s of broadcast, etc etc. I thought I had a sponge-like memory but he takes the biscuit!

However it's not all sad news. The upside is that Tim has said that he will continue to read other people's blogs and leave comments ... so we haven't heard the last of him. Thank goodness!

And who knows, if RTD hands in his notice and DW undergoes a change in style, perhaps we'll see a TimeWarden regeneration!! Well if the Dr can do it...

PS If you're wondering why on earth I've put up a picture of Scooti from "The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit", it's because it was one of Tim's most recent avatar photos! (Unless there's something he's not telling us...)

PPS Seems old Tim hasn't quite gone away entirely. I note that he's started an "alternative" blog "TimeWarden's Jukebox" with some rather good videos! Go check it out! Mmm, make me think. I guess posting videos without any text is a damn sight easier than having to write long blog posts. I might follow suit one day, when I'm old and grey... (it rhymes!)

* Although as a small addendum, I admit I have started to get worried about the future state of the show, what with the imminent return of Catherine Tate and rumours about Joan Collins etc etc and all of you will no doubt have seen my comments to this effect ... I must retain some sense of positivity and optimism. MUST.


  • At 4:00 pm , Blogger matty said...

    Oh, that's too bad. I've been blogging for years -- sometimes folks walk away for a while. They usually come back. Sometimes breaks are needed.

    I gave up pursuit of perfection long ago.

    I just write what I want and don't worry too much with errors, etc.

    It can consume time, tho.

    But, I really enjoy it. It is my only real creative outlet. That matters to me a great deal.

    yes, be positive. I think the addition of Ms. Tate and Joan will be loads of fun and might tempt me back for some more Dr. W viewing!

  • At 5:56 pm , Blogger Steve said...

    Tim is a super intelligent bloke with lots of opinions... I'm hoping that after a much needed break he'll return to the blogging fold (no pressure!) - his absence has left quite a big "hole" in my blog reading!

  • At 9:04 pm , Blogger TimeWarden said...

    Your exceptionally kind post has caught me by surprise and is very much appreciated, Simon, as are Steve's numerous compliments also. I'm quite taken aback, to be honest! Karen has written one, too, and I'm not sure I realised, before taking the decision, how much you guys would miss my contribution.

    I did think that you all might be getting fed up with me constantly having a go at RTD and, however much I tried to avoid doing so, I inevitably ended up criticising his treatment of the programme I've loved since the age of four. It's also a little depressing being negative about the thing you most want to write positively about!

    Matty seems to have a healthy outlook on the art of blogging too. It's probably more important to see it as a creative outlet than worry so much over the subjects covered. Simon knows, though, that "Doctor Who" fans are very protective regarding what we see as our programme, despite not actually owning it!

    When Karen took a break from blogging she did so intending to return, and indicated as much, whereas I'm undecided so left it open. "Doctor Who" under a new team is a long way off and I'd want to start writing again well before then if I am going to at all. Time really is the other major factor...

    I am genuinely touched, though, by all the kindness you've all shown. What is most moving of all is that people who've never met one another can be so kind to one another. And, that really has nothing to do with anything we've written about but the personalities behind the writing. Everyone's positivity is refreshing.

  • At 9:06 pm , Blogger Salty Sailor said...

    Rumours of Joan Collins on Doctor Who?

    I think I just ejaculated. Tell me more!

  • At 12:03 am , Blogger matty said...

    Oh dear, Salty Sailor just spooge'd on your blog!

  • At 1:44 pm , Blogger Old Cheeser said...

    Matty - You're right, a blogging break can be necessary. As much as I enjoy it (like you love having a creative outlet) a few weeks away from blogging can actually be quite liberating.

    But good for you for just writing what you want.

    Re: DW, I'll try to be positive! I'm really not sure about the presence of upper class tart Joanie though!

    Stevenage - I agree. Tim is a birrova brain box.

    Tim - The man himself speaks!! You're welcome. It's all meant! You see how popular you are?

    I can see your point, being continually critical of something can become wearing and one can get stuck in a rut. In case you and the others hadn't noticed, I can be very critical of DW too - virtually every episode I've reviewed I've come up with a list of "This wasn't very good" or "This could have been done better" type stuff. You're absolutely right Tim, we can be very protective of "our show" and so reserve the right to rain either praise or scorn on it!

    Well, in terms of a return to blogging all you can do is play it by ear and go with your heart! As you say Series Five (the first post-RTD season?) is miles off, so I do hope we'll hear back from you before then!

    Yes, it's funny isn't it that in this virtual, online world of blogging we have all formed "relationships". It's the exchange of ideas and common likes / dislikes / tastes that has brought us all together and hoorah for that. Even if it's not "real" contact in some respects, I'm still very glad to have made the acquaintance of so many people and do feel, to a degree, that I have made new "friends"! I for one, would love to meet all of you "in the flesh" one day! I know there is always the risk that meeting someone face-to-face could disappoint (a bit like having a proper date after meeting someone online) but I'm sure that wouldn't be the case with you guys. In fact, I'd be so excited about meeting you all "properly"!

    And you're ulimately right Tim, it's people's personalities and their positivity that makes them kind! That's why me miss you!

    Salty - And on a saucier note - you dirty, DIRTY birdie! Now I'll just have to rush off and procure some kleenex...

    Matty - Yuk!


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